Thursday, February 3, 2011

Use What You Have

Mr. Moore has suddenly been called off on a business trip a few states a way- and I don't have anyone to watch the little 'uns so I can exercise in the exercise room- and I was lamenting the cherry cheesecake that I ate last night thinking there is no way I can burn any calories. (Tomorrow is weigh in #2 and I am not excited about it- I think I may have thrown this weigh in with cheese cake, some brownies, and lack of exercise)

But as I was coming in today, I remembered that we live on the bottom floor of an apartment complex with three floors. That's many stairs- heated indoors- and as long as we tread quietly, the neighbors shouldn't mind if I take the kids (the baby is going to be my resistance weight) up and down the steps a few times tonight.

Necessity is the mother of invention- if you really want to reach your goal, there is a way to do it- you just have to find it.



That's an awesome idea!

I make my 3 year old do planks with me. He's getting pretty good at them!

Beth Tunnell

That's awesome! I also do crunches and glute raises with John on my belly. He thinks it's a fun game.

Nichole Gaertner

Last summer I ran our stairs A LOT... it is AMAZING how much it burns! Feels good? HAHA! You can even wait until bed time so you don't have to slow down or run over little people. ;) Good luck!

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