Saturday, February 19, 2011

So I said...

Forget it- I am buying pre-sliced apples- Forget the extra price and the extra packaging that will fill the landfills- I am eating healthier gol darn it! I have admitted here before that I am lazy- and that's part of the reason I have gained the weight in the first place- and I am sad to admit how many fresh fruits and vegetables have rotted in my fridge over the years.

SO I spent $2.99 for a bag of pre-sliced apples- and you know what? 24 hours later they are all gone. :) Instead of reaching for a bag of chips, I could open a bag of apples and snack on their sweet, tart, juicy goodness.

Also- I am not worried about stealing puffystars from Lincoln because there are only 25 calories per serving... Serving Size? 73 pieces (There is no way to capitalize numbers- sometimes I wish there was.)


Nichole Gaertner

BAHAHAHA!!!! I love it!:) How well do the apples stay before they go brown? I've thought about doing that too but know I don't like to eat that many in one sitting...

Colleen Marie

What is a puffy star?

Kelly Moore

It's a gerber finger food for baby- basically a star shaped puffed whole grain- (Like cereal, only dissolves faster) they come in tasty flavors like blueberry (tastes like blueberry muffins) and banana.

Nichole- They haven't lasted long enough to get brown (we ate them in the first two days)

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