Saturday, February 12, 2011

1 Year Left!

It's my birthday- and that means I have one year left to lose the weight (I only started two weeks ago, so that's not so bad)

47 pounds in a year is very doable- it's a little less than a pound a week- which is what I have averaged, so that's not too bad. It will require a lot of work though- and I am looking forward to my NEXT birthday because I will be celebrating not only a HUGE milestone for me, but also my success!

As promised- I have a goal to share with you. I have never been the type to "give up" anything completely, but that's just what I am going to do. For 1 year, I Kelly Moore will not drink any soda pop- not even (or especially) diet sodas. There I said it- it's out there in cyber space. Part of the reason I have never made a resolution to give up certain things is because I have never believed I am capable of doing so. In this case- I am ready. I have heard that by giving up soda you can lose up to a pound a week, depending on how much soda you consume to begin with.

I am not as hardcore as some of you guys out there who cut out sugar all together- ack! Kill me now!- but I think this goal is significantly challenging enough that I will have to work at it, but it's realistic enough that I can achieve it.
So who is with me? My challenge to you is join me- no soda for one year- and then join me in raising a glass of sparkling cider on Feb 12 2012 to toast our success!


Nichole Gaertner

:) I think I just might hyperventilate... but I'll make this pledge with you as long as you promise to keep this blog up the entire time! Not only will I forget, but it will help knowing someone else out there is suffering. BAHAHA! Good luck!

Kelly Moore

I actually ALMOST screwed up today! I forgot Italian Sodas counted- so I ordered a lemonade instead- I have a feeling I will be drinking at least as many calories in juice until I get used to it. Water is my friend... water in Gillette is not- (they used to have methane water that you had to light a match over before you drank it... yuck)

Colleen Marie

I love you. Also, I ADORE Dt. Mountain Dew. So while I am with you in spirit, I will not be joining you. I will vow, however: No sugared soda pop for one year.

And I agree with Nichole that now you really have to keep this thing going for a year, because I have a VERY short attention span.


I'll support you from here, but I think I'll stick with my diet coke! :o) Do be careful about the juices and such. Those have a lot of calories, too. I'm just glad I don't mind the taste of diet sodas. No calories, but still the acidity that is bad for your teeth. Hmm...


I will do it with you! I don't drink much soda anyway, but it's always good to drink more water.

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