Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Look I am at gym!

Is that a sheen of sweat you see? Why yes, yes it is.

I power walked for 20 minutes.
I did the rowing machine for 10 at 10pounds and 30 reps per minute.

I tried the assisted chin up machine but just about killed myself so I will leave that one to the experts. :)

So I would like to thank my husband for taking care of the boys so I can get all sweaty and gross and shower without interruption. Especially because L was in the throws of a tantrum when I walked out the door.

Am I selfish? I feel selfish when I leave but I know I am working hard here so I am not wasting the opportunity!

Monday, August 13, 2012


Ate out tonight. Feeling pretty proud of myself for looking up calories before I left and sticking to my plan. 2 chicken soft tacos with a little lettuce, cheese, and pico and a small dish of tortilla soup. Not too shabby! Tasted fresh and delicious and I was satisfied. My usual there? A steak quesadilla with guac and sour cream a side of chips and 3 cheese queso and a soda. Isn't it nice to make better choices without feeling like a martyr? I think so too.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Eating the Sun

So it's been compared to the color and consistency of baby diarrhea. I don't care I am loving the green smoothie! My friend Mary introduced us a few months ago and I am hooked. I had no idea it was so easy and delicious to eat your leafy greens.
This particular smoothie is a cup and a half of organic spinach and arugula , a banana and frozen peaches. I made it in my magic bullet in like 60 seconds.

Some benefits that I know of of green smoothies:

Because you are just blending the ingredients you don't lose any value fiber you would from "juicing"

When you have a green smoothie for breakfast all the vitamins are easily absorbed into your body because your stomach isn't full.

Dark green leafy veggies prevent cancer

There are many more but I am typing on my phone so I will revisit this post later. :)

When my husband heard about me drinking green smoothies he rolled his eyes and said "oh no. You're not trying to eat the sun are you?"
He explained that a hippie health but friend of his said that since plants get their nutrients from the light of the sun that eating them is the closest we come to eating the cosmic power of the sun ourselves.
"Oh. . . No. I just like them," I said.
He sighed with relief "ok then, enjoy"

Friday, August 10, 2012

Product spotlight - Yoplait Greek Coconut flavor

This weeks product spotlight is on my newest favorite snack. I crave sweets and watching my weight often equals grudgingly watching my family enjoy while I, the martyr, sit by and refuse. Well now I have something I can indulge with and not feel quilts. Yoplait Greek combines just enough sweet with the strong greek flavor to give your taste buds a satisfying experience. The coconut is my favorite. I kinda feel like I am on vacation when I eat it. Maybe it's an olfactory thing, I don't know. But it's delicious and has real coconut flakes in it.

At 110 calories and 8gs of protein it's a light snack that stays with you. And it's fat free :) how can you pass that up? Also gluten free!

Anyway I love it and will be buying more of it. :) I recommend you do too.

I am back!

What a year has passed! I am now 30, and loving it, a proud home owner for the first time, a proud momma of two healthy boys and you guessed it, nowhere near my goal! ;)

But guess what. I am still inching along. I have not quit. In October of last year my back went out severely and I was set back in my goals yet again.
And my last post about avoidance was right on the nose. This past April I was able to harness that (a post for another time) and I have been pursuing my goals with renewed gusto. I am clearing out the clutter from ALL the areas of my life. My weight included. So today I am 200 pounds. My short-term goal is 185 and my long term is 155. I am on myfitnesspal if anyone wants to join me my handle is kellywithjustay. So here is to another chapter in this saga. Can I do it before 31??