Saturday, January 29, 2011

Planning a Menu

I am not the greatest cook in the world. While I can follow a recipe - it doesn't mean that I have any creativity or flair in the kitchen- or any desire to be in the kitchen either.

Part of what got me to this weight in the first place was poor planning. I would work all day, get home around 5:30 and think "gee, I wonder what I should make for dinner?" This was bad for a few reasons.
1. I was already SUPER hungry and all the food that required more than a microwave took too long to cook.
2. I was already SUPER tired- and just wanted to sit and relax after a long day.
3. I get REALLY grumpy and confused when I am hungry and tired. (When we were dating, my husband almost left me in Salt Lake City because of my temper tantrums stemming from hunger... but that's a story for another time) When I get grumpy and confused I cannot decide what to cook or even what to eat when I have the options right in front of me.

So- A weekly menu usually cures this quandary. It also helps keep those unwanted fast food calories from sneaking into your week. This is what I am attempting to do right now- The problem I am having is coming up with healthy alternatives to our normal menu. Hot dogs and Mac&Cheese does not a skinny Kelly make. (Yes- it's better than fast food, but only a little...) Anyway, if you google "printable menu plans" or "free weekly menu"- you can find some cute ideas on how to make your own menu planner.

Does anyone have any really SIMPLE yummy dinner ideas for me?

Friday, January 28, 2011

First Weigh In

I have decided to weigh in once a week- Friday Mornings at 8:30. According to my Wii Fit, your change can change up to 2 lbs in the course of a day so it's important to weight yourself at the same time. I chose Friday because it's at the end of the week, gives me a chance to cut loose a little on the weekend- and gives me the whole week to get back into a good routine. It's not realistic for me to be a die-hard crazy-eyed fitness guru right off the bat. I am taking the advice of a friend of mine to be really good Sunday-Friday afternoon, and kick back a little Friday night and Saturday.

So January 28 2011- at 8:30 AM: 194

My first week was a success- although I can't promise you, readers, that each week will look as good. We'll have to see what happens together.

Take a look at my ticker- it moved!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day Four

Had a stare-down match with a Little Debbi Nutty Bar

I won.

(Baby had been screaming at me all day- he's sick AND teething- I had only managed to scrape together 4 hours of sleep last night- and I was about to blow steam out of my ears I was so frustrated. I put him in his crib, closed the door, and somehow found myself self in the kitchen face to face with the cute little girl in a cowboy hat. Que western music.... Finally I decided the 300 calories weren't worth it and that the ONLY reason I was standing there was because I was tired/frustrated/bored/lonely.... And I walked away! Good for me!)

sidebar- Husband HATES it when I steal his Nutty Bars, so he should also be pleased. (NO copyright infringement meant with use of this image- Isn't she cute? Doesn't she make you want to stuff your mouth with swiss cake rolls? RESIST!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guilt Free TV

It probably doesn't surprise you that The Biggest Loser has become one of my favorite shows since season 8- but I always feel bad because I have some couch potato (or floor potato as we haven't unpacked our futon yet) guilt because I watch these guys literally SWEAT BUCKETS and I am just sitting there.

Tonight I went to the apartment workout room and did 3 miles on the bike and 15 minutes on the elliptical- and kept my heart rate at about 180.

Now I can watch my show guilt free. :)

YAY me! (See, small celebrations- and two posts in one day, sorry about that I will try to keep my updates brief, even though this blog is more for me than anyone else... so you'll probably have to deal with it....)

What Has Worked

When you are going for a goal it is helpful to look back and recognize past success. What DOES work. You probably already know what doesn't work, but when have you accomplished a weight loss goal? And don't you DARE say never, because even the littlest thing counts. When have you said "no" to a food you knew wasn't good for you? When have you gone to a gym even if you were embarrassed by your appearance? Those are successes- what got you there? How did you do it?

For me- I first tried to lose weight after my oldest son was born. At the time I was maybe 20 pounds lighter than I am now. I went to Weight Watchers and IT WORKED!

I lost 20 lbs with weight watchers and then something happened... or actually it'd be more correct to say- "Didn't Happen".... Apathy. Big time.

I wasn't doing my part- I got over confident, started cutting corners, stopped trying... and it ended up turning into an expensive weekly guilt trip where I got to celebrate everyone else's success. I got tired of making excuses- I got tired of the +.5 / -.2 game. I quit.

and slowly but surely those 20 pounds came back- and they brought friends.

But I know that writing down what I eat WORKS- even if I ate 4,000 calories (I exaggerate- but you get the idea) I would lose weight because I KNEW how much I had consumed. Also- my inherent laziness helped me avoid snacking because I "didn't want to have to write it down"- score one for laziness, right?

I also know that weekly accountablity works- Once a week no matter what- I'd step on that scale and take what was coming to me. It really helped me gauge how my behavior affects my weight.

Celebrating victories NO MATTER HOW small- works for me. I am a validation junkie- I NEED a pat on the back, and a well done. (Which is why you all should COMMENT! ;) wink wink nudge nudge)- I know it's terribly co-dependent of me, but what are you going to do? I am the way I am.

To recap:
Write it down
Weekly weigh in

Monday, January 24, 2011

Where my Weight Loss story begins...

It's important to know where you come from before heading out on a journey because you might end up back where you started and not realize it. I'd hate to be running in a hampster wheel (although I hear that's excellent cardio) working so hard but getting nowhere.

So where does my trouble with weight begin? I can trace it back 10 years ago to a cinder-block dorm. #319 and a couple of guys named Ben & Jerry. No- I didn't really gain the dreaded Freshman 15- It was really more about establishing good eating habits. No longer was I the wide eyed teenager who thought she could eat anything she wanted. I took for granted that my mom made healthy meals each night- and that when I lived with my parents I wasn't free to graze all day on unhealthy snacks because I had someone who'd say "Hey! What are you doing? Wait until dinner!"

When teenagers leave the nest- they often experience a rebellious period of freedom. Some drink to excess- some become sexually promiscuous- some rack up HUGE credit card debt- some become entrenched in drugs or worse- and .... some eat whatever they want and gain weight.... I was the last one. Did I leave home and instantly balloon? No- I just set myself up on a diet that wasn't very healthy and gave myself permission to eat whenever and whatever I wanted.

My REAL weight gain started after I got married- but it wasn't BECAUSE I got married. It was a combination of hormonal birth control that really messed up my body, and depression that stemmed from two lost pregnancies. I've never been really active- so when my metabolism slowed and my emotional eating took over- the pounds started creeping on. Then I had two wonderful little boys, one five years ago and the other just nine months ago- and they each changed my body a little more.

I have already listed my REASONS for losing weight- but not HOW I plan to do it- well I am still working on that. I am still nursing by youngest so I am not going to be "Cutting calories" - at least not by much- I will be cutting out the bad calories. It's more about changing how I eat and how much I move.

So, dear reader, if you are still with me. here is my general game plan:

Eat more nutritious food + Move more = weight loss.

I will have to get back to you with the details, but here is a before picture that motivates me- please take in mind that I had a baby three months before the photo was taken and I had been camping for several days.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Making less of Moore (Kelly Moore that is....)

The Goal: To Lose 50 pounds before my 30th Birthday 2/12/2012

Why: 1. To look and feel as good as - wait no- BETTER than when I turned 20
2. To have more energy to keep up with the kiddos-
3. To lower my risk for diabetes (which runs in the family)
4. To heal my lower back- and live WITHOUT PAIN!
5. To set a good example for my family by living a healthy lifestyle
6. To stop having to put "lose weight" as a New Year resolution. :)

1. To keep myself accountable
2. To inspire others
3. To have something to look back on to see how much I've learned.

So there you have it- me- warts and all (I really don't have warts) for the whole world to see... but don't worry- no awkward half naked photos on this blog- unless it's me in a bikini enjoying a cruise in the Bahamas circa Dec 2012. (Did I forget to mention my reward? tee hee hee)