Friday, January 28, 2011

First Weigh In

I have decided to weigh in once a week- Friday Mornings at 8:30. According to my Wii Fit, your change can change up to 2 lbs in the course of a day so it's important to weight yourself at the same time. I chose Friday because it's at the end of the week, gives me a chance to cut loose a little on the weekend- and gives me the whole week to get back into a good routine. It's not realistic for me to be a die-hard crazy-eyed fitness guru right off the bat. I am taking the advice of a friend of mine to be really good Sunday-Friday afternoon, and kick back a little Friday night and Saturday.

So January 28 2011- at 8:30 AM: 194

My first week was a success- although I can't promise you, readers, that each week will look as good. We'll have to see what happens together.

Take a look at my ticker- it moved!!!


Nichole Gaertner

You lost 4 pounds!? That is AWESOME! Seriously. Find pride in that. It's normal to experience 1-2 pounds a week. I've been STUCK and haven't experienced that up until now myself with one pound lost. Good job Kelly!!


Great job, you'll be amazing in the coming week as well!


I'll keep up with this blog since you said you want to be accountable and want comments. Just so you know, I'm watching! And congratulations on the 4 pounds. That really is very cool. And try to take advantage of this breastfeeding time period. You burn more calories when you create the milk!

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