Monday, January 24, 2011

Where my Weight Loss story begins...

It's important to know where you come from before heading out on a journey because you might end up back where you started and not realize it. I'd hate to be running in a hampster wheel (although I hear that's excellent cardio) working so hard but getting nowhere.

So where does my trouble with weight begin? I can trace it back 10 years ago to a cinder-block dorm. #319 and a couple of guys named Ben & Jerry. No- I didn't really gain the dreaded Freshman 15- It was really more about establishing good eating habits. No longer was I the wide eyed teenager who thought she could eat anything she wanted. I took for granted that my mom made healthy meals each night- and that when I lived with my parents I wasn't free to graze all day on unhealthy snacks because I had someone who'd say "Hey! What are you doing? Wait until dinner!"

When teenagers leave the nest- they often experience a rebellious period of freedom. Some drink to excess- some become sexually promiscuous- some rack up HUGE credit card debt- some become entrenched in drugs or worse- and .... some eat whatever they want and gain weight.... I was the last one. Did I leave home and instantly balloon? No- I just set myself up on a diet that wasn't very healthy and gave myself permission to eat whenever and whatever I wanted.

My REAL weight gain started after I got married- but it wasn't BECAUSE I got married. It was a combination of hormonal birth control that really messed up my body, and depression that stemmed from two lost pregnancies. I've never been really active- so when my metabolism slowed and my emotional eating took over- the pounds started creeping on. Then I had two wonderful little boys, one five years ago and the other just nine months ago- and they each changed my body a little more.

I have already listed my REASONS for losing weight- but not HOW I plan to do it- well I am still working on that. I am still nursing by youngest so I am not going to be "Cutting calories" - at least not by much- I will be cutting out the bad calories. It's more about changing how I eat and how much I move.

So, dear reader, if you are still with me. here is my general game plan:

Eat more nutritious food + Move more = weight loss.

I will have to get back to you with the details, but here is a before picture that motivates me- please take in mind that I had a baby three months before the photo was taken and I had been camping for several days.


Nichole Gaertner

:) That's the perfect start to a successful weight loss journey. Good luck Kelly!

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