Saturday, August 11, 2012

Eating the Sun

So it's been compared to the color and consistency of baby diarrhea. I don't care I am loving the green smoothie! My friend Mary introduced us a few months ago and I am hooked. I had no idea it was so easy and delicious to eat your leafy greens.
This particular smoothie is a cup and a half of organic spinach and arugula , a banana and frozen peaches. I made it in my magic bullet in like 60 seconds.

Some benefits that I know of of green smoothies:

Because you are just blending the ingredients you don't lose any value fiber you would from "juicing"

When you have a green smoothie for breakfast all the vitamins are easily absorbed into your body because your stomach isn't full.

Dark green leafy veggies prevent cancer

There are many more but I am typing on my phone so I will revisit this post later. :)

When my husband heard about me drinking green smoothies he rolled his eyes and said "oh no. You're not trying to eat the sun are you?"
He explained that a hippie health but friend of his said that since plants get their nutrients from the light of the sun that eating them is the closest we come to eating the cosmic power of the sun ourselves.
"Oh. . . No. I just like them," I said.
He sighed with relief "ok then, enjoy"


Beth Tunnell

I think I'll tell the kids their drinking the sun next time we make them :) What do you put in your green smoothies?

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