Friday, February 18, 2011



Whopping big numbers eh? (I almost forgot to weigh in today, and weighed myself after lunch- so that might affect the numbers a small way today, but not by enough that it would matter too much.)

But it is a LOSS! That makes me happy. I am not on the Biggest Loser- I am not looking for double digits (I AM looking for SINGLE digits- but hey, what can you do?)

My vow to not drink soda has gone well so far. I find my beverage of choice is Sobe Fugi-Apple Pear- and strawberry lemonade. I may have over indulged in the lemonade this week to assuage my soda temptations. I should really be replacing the soda with water- but I figure baby steps right?

Husband is home!! So I will probably be able to sneak out to work out solo- and I think that will help my weight loss goals this week. Being alone with kids 24/7 does two things to my weight loss goals- 1.) stresses me out and I eat when I am stressed 2.) Saps my energy- I spend so much time making sure I am not trampling them when exercise that I don't accomplish much.

Ok- so here is to a BRAND NEW WEEK!- No Soda, More Water, More movement! (I got something for my birthday that I am excited to try too- Let's see how it affects my #'s next week and I will write a full review... Are you just on pins and needles to know what it is???? Stay Tuned!


Nichole Gaertner

That is over a pound if you add up your last weeks weigh-in! GOOD JOB FRIEND! :) You have to celebrate all the small victories!

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