Monday, February 28, 2011

Of Baby Showers and Sore Muscles

Saturday I went to an AWESOME baby shower for a very sweet lady- and my friend Amanda made some positively SINFUL goodies- (So so so yummy)... I did pretty good, I thought, at restraining myself- I didn't even try the cheese cake (which I adore)- and limited myself to 3 oreo bon bons- (and when I say limited- It could have been MANY more) and I didn't have any walnut bars (until Sunday when I had like 5 :( ) or lemon cake. They all looked so good but I had to keep my goal in mind. I had a handful of peanut M&Ms and a Mango smoothie.

The previous me (I would say the "old" me, but as I near 30 I have decided to take the word out of my vocabulary) would have gone Hungry Hungry Hippos on that desert table... So I am feeling pretty proud.

Then, yesterday I made my very first Lasagna. (I am not much of a cook- as I have mentioned) But nobody told me how DANG HEAVY the pan is with all those layers of goodness- and I threw out my back putting it into the oven. After the noodle and cheesy goodness was safe inside the oven, I decided to stretch my back right then and there to prevent further soreness and I hear my husband from the the dining room:
"What are you doing???"
"Oh... because it looks like you're worshiping the Lasagna."

I am still laughing. There I was, bent in a Uttana Shishosana (yoga pose) right in front of the oven.

But my back is already feeling a little better so I am going to try to do my 100 crunches today, it will just take me longer. I may have to inflate the balance ball to help me out. :)



You crack me up!!! Bahahaha!!! How did the lasagna turn out?

Kelly Moore

It turned out pretty good- except I used an 8x11 pan instead of a 9x13 (It's funny how similar they look) and it ended up spilling a bit in the oven so I've got to clean that up now- but it tasted delish- and was super easy.

Nichole Gaertner

That is so funny! I have to tell you though- crunches will tear up your back sweety. My dad was specifically told to stop doing crunches and he now needs surgery. Don't push yourself so hard you hurt yourself more. If it isn't for you there are so many other things you can do for your abs. Don't beat yourself up either. Trust me- injurying yourself will only hold you back. Trust me! I am living that "dream" right now.

On the other hand- GO YOU! :) You have some great motivation! I did my hundred yesterday and today too. :) I'm not doing them every day because that's too much for my back... but what I have done feels great! *Please don't see me as being the red guy with horns trying to discourage you... I'm just letting you know that if you don't finish your goal- YOU ARE STILL AMAZING! AND BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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