Thursday, February 17, 2011

98% Fat Free Oscar Mayer Hot dogs

I figured at 40 Calories a dog- only .5 grams of fat - why not? My family are big hot dog fans- it's cheap and easy and ready in a few minutes so the convince factor is HUGE for us...

The verdict?

Not worth it.

Blech- They were pretty bland, but I might be able to get used to it because they are SO low in calories until I saw how much SODIUM is in each wiener... 470 mg!!!! That's 20% of your daily allowance- and recently they have suggested that people should use even less than they originally suggested- so no thank you Mr. Mayer.
(of course I don't know how much sodium are in the other types of Oscar Mayer dogs- which I like- and I don't know if I WANT to know....)


Nichole Gaertner

bahaha! You probably wouldn't want to know what the wieners are made of either! ;)

Colleen Marie

Aww, sad. Also, last night I wanted a pop, but there was no diet cold, so I had to choose between a warm, diet soda, a cold, sugared soda, or no soda at all. I went without!

Kelly Moore

Good for you Colleen- I am such a die-hard soda addict that I often drink it from a room-temperature can. But not any more-

Nichole- I know what's in 'em and I STILL like 'em! (We watched a special "hot dog" how it's made on the discovery channel- Jason looks at me and says "I know I should be grossed out- but I kinda want a hot dog" I said, "me too!" I know- sick and wrong huh?

Nichole Gaertner


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