Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Below Zero

I am facing some roadblocks this morning- as is expected in any journey. There will be potholes, closed rest-stops when you really need to pee, detours, delays, and setbacks.

Today I am really feeling the strain of anxiety and stress- This insecurity is making me want to eat (again with my emotional eating- you will probably notice this is a trend). I want to eat because I am stressed and food fills that void momentarily. It tastes good and it takes my mind off my worries- but I need to remember that I have a goal- I have an objective.

Another thing that is in my way today is the temperature- it's probably -12 right now outside, and even though I usually spend the day indoors, the colder temps make me want to stay in my pajamas and not do anything.

The point is- I am struggling today- and I am MAD that I am struggling so soon! It's not that I have lost my motivation, but today, and maybe JUST today, I don't want to do it.

So- here is my game plan today: Inflate balance ball. Clean the house (I feel better when I am in control of SOMETHING-) And workout tonight during Biggest Loser)- as for food, I think I will just drink alot of water to keep my mouth busy and my brain distracted.

WISH ME LUCK! I need it today!


Nichole Gaertner

UGH. Boo on bad days! Today it was actually pretty for the first time in three months for me. I completely understand the raunchy lazy days way too clearly however. Just remember that all of us have down days and sometimes it's okay to sulk in it. The important thing is to pick yourself up and remember that today- is a new day. The reason this is such an incredible journey once completed is because it is SOOOOO hard and LONG!!! :) I hope you feel better.
xoxo Nichole


Sorry you had a bad day! I've found that I snack a lot during the day sometimes and it bothers me. But recently I started to try to learn to crochet from some youtube videos and, wouldn't you know, I can't crochet and eat at the same time! So during nap time (for the kids), instead of watching TV on Hulu and eating snacks, I watch TV on Hulu and crochet! It's a bit addicting, so I don't want to stop, even if I start to think about those snacks in the kitchen. Also, yes, drink lots of water, but I, personally, do not like to drink water. It's gross to me. I have been buying sparkling flavored water from Walmart, which is calorie-free, but tastes good to me. I know it costs more, but at least it keeps me drinking fluids! I also drink it instead of milk with my meals, and that cuts out some extra calories there. I still have milk with cereal every morning. I'm weaning my daughter soon, since she is turning one, and I'm going to have to step it up if I want to make up for the extra calories I've been burning!

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