Monday, February 21, 2011

100 Crunches For 100 Days

I don't know- maybe I am crazy, but when my friend Amanda announced that she would be doing 100 sit-ups for 100 days and competing with her husband to see who could do it and lose the most inches, I wanted to join.

If you remember, one of my original goals was to eliminate my chronic back pain. I h ave been to chiropractors and physical therapists who have all told me that in order to give my back muscles the support they so badly need, I need to strengthen my core. It's a double edged sword there- my back hurts so I don't WANT to do core exercises like crunches because they HURT- but the weaker my core the more my back hurts- so I guess I will have to endure a little discomfort now to be pain free in the future.

So HERE ( is the Challenge- do 100 sit-ups or crunches for 100 days. We have created a facebook group- and I am pretty sure it's open to the public- and since my following is pretty small at the moment many of you are already facebook friends, just let me know if you want an invite to the group so you can join along! We are skipping Sundays so our bodies can recuperate and because the Sabbath is a day of rest- We start today and end on June 16th!

So there is the Challenge! Are you up for it?

(Update on Soda Challenge: 1 Week down! 51 to go! YAY!)


Nichole Gaertner

Woo! That's a huge challenge! lol! I can't take that pledge because I currently can't do those because of my physical therapy, but good luck you!!! Something to keep in mind if your back is having a hard time with it, there are a lot more ways you can strengthen your core with out putting so much stress on it through the crunches/ sit ups. I've been going to an ab class and it's actually rare when we do do a crunch or sit up.:) I'll soon be posting a tut. about some exercises that I do/ have done to help with my saggy belly!


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