Thursday, March 24, 2011


My wii scale wouldn't work last friday- I think the battery was low or something, so I didn't weigh in again. :(

But this last week I broke not only one but TWO chairs just by sitting on them. :( In my defense they are OLD rickety chairs... but landing on my butt with a chair literally in pieces beneath me is pretty discouraging... And not in the cute Goldie Locks way either.

Chalk it up to a sign- I need to get OFF MY CABOOSE and lose more weight.

Also there is a stain on my NO SODA goal- which makes me mad. I ordered Orange Hi-C (which is super sugary and not a great choice to begin with, but it's not soda) from the Burger King drive-thru the other day and as I was driving home discovered that they gave me Tropicana Twister orange soda instead- I threw it away, but the bubbles burned on my tongue like I had committed a crime.

(Hangs her head in shame)

sigh- The comfortable bubble of time that I have allowed myself grows ever smaller- but I don't.


Nichole Gaertner

Oh Kelly- I feel your shame... I mean pain too! HAHA! :) Don't beat yourself up too hard. It'll only discourage you further. I'm sorry you had a rough week but you have people cheering you on from near and far!!!

Beth Tunnell

Ah Kelly! I love you and the sense of humor you use to write about things that are so hard. I believe in you! Besides, the soda thing is really very small. You should be proud of yourself for throwing it out. I probably would have just drank it and blamed it on the dumb workers.


I’m sorry you’re feeling discouraged about your goals. Just take it day by day. You can do it!

I understand your goal of cutting out soda for a whole year. That is definitely a worthy goal. To me, though, it seems like a diet soda would be better than a super sugary non-carbonated drink if you’re trying to cut calories and sugar. I know water is always the best drink, but I figure if I’m not drinking water, I’d rather be drinking something that isn’t going to add to my calories for the day! So, I guess I’m just wondering what your “beef” is with diet soda?

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