Friday, March 11, 2011

Get out of Jail Free Card

I have had a rough week with the back- and I didn't weigh in the morning.
It's not that I think I've gained weight and I don't want to know how much- it's more that I am just not feeling it today. I know that if I weigh in today one of two things will happen...

1. If I GAIN weight- I feel feel super discouraged- I will berate myself for a general lack of effort and because of my back I feel want to give up. (of course I WON'T-)

2. If I LOSE weight I will feel like "Hey! I'm all good" and I won't put in the appropriate level of effort this week.

I know where I need to do better this week, (although I am proud to say that I have NOT had a soda since 12Feb2011- and I have only eaten out once this week again.)
I still believe I consume too many calories in my liquids- and I consume too much sugar.
I did cook a new recipe this week (it's a new goal of mine to try a new healthier (this is relative of course to what I NORMALLY eat- so don't judge too harshly if it's higher in calories- it still may have more vegetables or less sodium or something...)) Wow do I use too many parentheses? (probably) I need to be a better cook- I think if I enjoyed it more, I would cook more- eat out less and be healthier.

ANYHOW- I will leave you all in suspense this week- and we'll see how I have done come next friday. (Maybe the cookies will be gone by then..... sigh.)


Nichole Gaertner

:) I like your reasonings. It's why I stopped weighing myself too. I just want to get healthy first and then worry about the pounds later. :)

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