Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday

I have never celebrated it before- but I think it may be a good excuse to explain away a box of girl scout cookies and 4 things of tapioca pudding that I ate today. . . and a large piece of Chocolate cake for the Relief Society birthday dinner. (Happy Birthday- and I am glad to be a member of the largest women's organization in the world!)

My back is on the fritz again- and I am left hobbiling away- pushing through the pain to do even the most basic of things- like changing a diaper, doing the laundry, or standing fully erect. . . As it is- I am slumping through the house like Igor.

I don't do so good with pain. Add to it the broken blood vessels in my eyes from trying to get my 10 month old to sleep in his own crib instead of on the futon mattress on the floor because I'd LIKE to have a place to sit in the living room. (Moving is the pits- and I have decided I like packing a HECK of alot more than unpacking... suddenly all that stuff that I said, "eh, just throw it in a box" is coming back to haunt me- and my back. The worst is the stuff I don't know what to do with because it belongs to the husband. )

Anyway- is it possible to still loose weight when one cannot move and yet consumes more that one's fair share of pudding? I wouldn't bank on it. But- there is always tomorrow- so I forgive myself for today- and will vow to make better food choices tomorrow! :)


Nichole Gaertner

I so feel your pain in a completely different way. Being sick and crabby and having having hormonal issues from having the IUD removed has made me a chocolate FREAK! I can not even explain this crazy mania I have hit. I'm hoping that as soon as I'm feeling better these cravings will leave too. UGH.

Either way- you are correct! Tomorrow is a NEW DAY! :)

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