Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Biggest Loser recap

I am constantly inspired by this show- one of my favorites this season got sent home tonight- For those who haven't seen it yet and are perhaps waiting for it to air on HULU--- beware of spoiler alert!!----

I totally didn't see it coming, but Courtney got sent home and before she went- she looked straight into the camera and said "for you guys at home- you don't need to be on the ranch to lose weight- you just need to believe in yourself, and trust the process"

Trust the process- that struck me. I have defined my goal- set out things to do to be better... (Ok so the Oreo's were a bad idea this week, but I bought Skim Delight milk to drink with them, that has to count for something right?) but do I really BELIEVE that I can do it?

It has made me ponder... and made me make a decision. I will work out once a week at the rec center.... I will buy a punch card- and I will let the day care at the rec center watch my children for an hour or so while I exercise... I will not feel guilty about it.

So- there it is... The rest of the week I will work out at home- but I can give myself one day a week to get healthier right? (and to get away from my kiddos for a brief time...)



Good idea! What do you think you are going to do at the rec center? Take a class? Just work out? Maybe I'll join you...


Kelly, I kind of cried when Courtney got sent home. I can't believe how much weight she has lost!

Kelly Moore

Cindy, I did too- I think it was more of how upset Bob was that made me really sad. :(

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